Typist Needed

Published date: November 15, 2017
  • Location: Malaysia
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• Able to work online
1. Retype Handwritten Manuscript
2. Document Typing
3. Form create / Form Filling

Language Typing :
1. English Typing
2. Malay Typing

Format Conversioin:
1. PDF
2. Microsoft Office - Excel , Word

Interested please email to wendyhong97@gmail.com

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Scam Alert! Please Read

  1. Keep all emails and sms, pass the info to your family members
  2. Always inform your family on who, where, when and why you are meeting someone
  3. Never pay deposit or processing fee for any job, it is a scam!
  4. If the job offer is too good to be true, it is a scam!
  5. Avoid interviews in hotel rooms! Especially girls!
  6. Always Google Search the company before applying for the job

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